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july 30 day challenge!

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30 days of movement in july for a full free month in august

practice for 31 days and get a free surprise!!!


1. Must sign up online or in the studio before July 7th
2. Pay for the full 30 days
- If you have a membership with us, regular monthly rates apply. Please contact us to let us know you’re joining!
3. Must practice 30 consecutive days of movement (all classes apply)
4. Receive full 30 days free immediately following completion of the challenge
5. You cannot take two classes in one day to make up a missed day.
6. There are no make up classes
7. All classes must be taken at YES Studio
8. What if you can’t complete the challenge? Life happens! If you can’t complete the full 30 days, consider the experience had, the lessons learned, and the success of all that you DID accomplish - intention can be just as powerful as attainment!

Have more questions? Contact us!