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Yoga Nidra + Self Massage

$15 Pre-regisiter | $25 Day Of

You are your own healer! Yoga Nidra literally translates to "Yogic Sleep" and although you may feel relaxed & refreshed after class, you are actually awake the entire time. There is place in-between wakefulness and sleep that we will hover, when our conscious minds are turned off (just like when we sleep) and our subconscious mind is at the forefront. Here we can receive so much healing and even sometimes messages that our conscious mind may prevent us from taking in while we are fully awake! We will start with some gentle stretching to prepare the body for stillness. Then we will spend the remainder of class in savasana going through a series of relaxation techniques and finally a guided meditation. Because we will be connecting deeply with ourselves via the Yoga Nidra, the self-massage will come naturally. After such an "out of body" experience, we will need to ground down and connect with our physical bodies once more. We will travel through our bodies and begin to release any last tension or tightness from our musculature. Some massage oil with essential oils will be provided for your self-massage!

w/ Kelley Snyder

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