Dynamic Movement


As we head into the season connected to the element of fire, we have the opportunity to delve more deeply into our passions, our sources of inspiration, and the parts of our lives that stir us to act. Summer is a time where everything flourishes and blossoms into full being. Crops are abundant, trees are full with leaves - the seeds that were sown in Spring are now more fully expressed. In traditional Chinese medicine, Summer is associated with the element of fire, and fire is the element of the heart. It is said that our hearts are where our purpose for existing lives in our bodies, and so it’s no wonder then that the element all about energy, warmth, and love is connected to this organ and this season. 

It is with these thoughts in mind that we’ve chosen our theme for June to be Dynamic Movement. The definition of “dynamic” is “a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.” Dynamic doesn’t mean frantic, or overwhelming, or anxious. It means strategic, thoughtful, intentional, and efficient. Jumping from one point to the next with ease, ability, and power. It can also mean looking at a situation from a new angle - with a unique shift in perspective not previously thought of or known to be available, and from that new vantage point creating a shift in thought pattern, approach or emotion. 

Literally interpreted, Dynamic Movement can mean using the power of the body to enforce change and growth physically. I think of the transition from high lunge into warrior three - it takes focus, strength, and attention to balance and ease to make it all come together seamlessly.

In life, Dynamic Movement can mean applying intention and coming into realization. It can mean strategizing how exactly to accomplish something, and then going out and doing it. Or it can mean applying conscious awareness to a part of self that might need habitual reexamination and/or change, and allowing for that shift. 

Dynamic Movement does not have to be large or grand, but it can in fact be very small - a spark that builds in it’s own time. It’s the process of honing in on the passions of the heart - the fire that drives us, excites us, gives us reason to get up in the morning - and using it as fuel to accomplish our deepest goals and desires. In nature, Summer is about full realization of the seeds we planted in Spring. We too have sprouted, and now in this time of full growth, it’s now about the abundance we can create without abandon. 

Consider what you’ve been building already. What passions have stirred within you this year, and what are you creating in your life that is ready to be expressed? Zero in on what you’re growing into existence, and use this time and this season to let it flourish.


written by Hollis

**post image: The Super Serious Amphibian by Jason Martin

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