What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Immediately I think of the Rolling Stones and the phrase “I can’t get no,” which either (hilariously or not surprisingly) connects so much to the season we’re in right now. We’re in the midst of a series of planets in retrograde, which essentially means a lot of aspects of our lives may be being put on hold for us to reexamine and pick up in the (somewhat near) future. Whether you believe in astrology or not, we can all connect to the sense of plans, ideas, dreams, connections, desires not moving forward when we want them to, and how frustrating that set up can be. It’s a feeling of getting excited about the possibility of something and then getting knocked down and told, “mmm, maybe not this time, hun!” Not a great feeling, amirite?

So many folks (including myself) have been experiencing some form of being retrograded this summer. Plans have gone awry, new situations that seemed stable suddenly erupt into chaos or disfunction, ideas and hopes have been dashed for disappointing reasons… I promise this whole post isn’t going to be negative, turning point is coming next!

In thinking about this phase that we're in, and also in thinking about this month's theme of Satisfaction at the studio, I've chosen to collect a few phrases have come to me the last few weeks. These particular quotes/ comments/ reminders have been incredibly supportive in teaching me how to ground in this time of uncertainty. Please allow me to break down what I'm thinking:


1. Alan Watts has said, “muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” This quote is an immediate reminder that sometimes patience is the strongest form of action, and that by simply letting things lie, the solution and the next steps can come to us on their own. 

How does this relate to satisfaction?
The definition of satisfaction is “fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.” This implies that our fulfillment and desire relies a lot on our perception of what we think we need, and what we expect to receive. Think about it - if we wished for all that we already have, and wanted nothing more than what was right here in front of us, wouldn’t we be fully satisfied? If we knew that all of our needs were met, and trusted that they also would be in the future, wouldn’t we feel full? What if we were open to the possibility of something unexpected, something surprising and beyond what we could imagine - wouldn’t we feel pleasure? Could we then find more peace in the moment, letting desire and longing dissolve, and fully enjoy our sense of being, right now?


2. Iliana repeats this quote in practically all of her classes, and it couldn't be more on point: "Where I am is where I need." 

How can we use this to statement to find Satisfaction?
Continuing the thread from the previous quote, this statement draws us right into the wisdom of this moment. How powerful it can feel when we can claim our present position as exactly what we need right now. How grounding it can feel that no matter what chaos or disruption or emotions might be going on around and inside you, you know that it's all exactly what you need. That kind of trust in the moment is untouchable, because it also provides a profound trust in self. It's all enough. You are enough. 


3. "Follow your joy."

This reminder is a direct line to satisfaction.
I use this statement this as a tool to un-trap my spirit. In moments where my mind won't shut off, when thoughts of negativity or frustration or disappointment won't stop spinning, I stop and ask myself "what would bring me joy?"

And then I take it.

Claiming what brings us joy - whether it be a small moment just for us, a dinner with good friends, or a future experience for us to look forward to - connects us more succinctly to our innate ability to nourish the deeper parts of our selves. We unlock the power of lightness within us by tapping into the power of joy, and the heaviness or weight of the moment is allowed to soften. The pressure is off. A bigger perspective can come into view. We can breathe more easily.


So is it possible that in the midst of plans not following through, or ideas being dashed, or simply just having a really tough few days or weeks or months, we could perhaps step back and take in what's right in front of us? Not to discount all that we might be experiencing, but just as a reminder that it is possible to tap into the abundance that's here? From health, to friends, to our ability to be inspired, to sunshine, and so much more - isn’t there so much already here to satisfy us? 

Perhaps we take a beat. Perhaps we take this time, this month, this phase and acknowledge all that we have that fulfills us every day. Perhaps we acknowledge that things happen always in their own time, and that when something is meant to happen, it will. Perhaps we trust in the larger story at play, and we flow through this period with a sense of security - that we have all that we need and we will always receive it when we need it. Perhaps you are living, breathing, and experiencing exactly what you are meant to right now - could there be anything more satisfying? 

Leaving you with one last piece of wisdom from uncle Mick :)
"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need."

written by Hollis


photo image by Eric Cahan

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