We all know that anything created for the collective must first begin as singular. Everything starts from one action, one person, one shift. The practice of yoga is no different. It's an experience that is incredibly personal. It requires us to turn inward and define our internal landscapes, see our scars, wounds and strengths and recognize all of who we are. We do this internal work so that we can show up more whole in the world. And when this practice is chosen to be done in community, around other folks who are doing the same thing, the collective growth and healing becomes much deeper and stronger.

When I used to envision opening a yoga studio, it was never just for the sole purpose of offering a physical practice to a neighborhood or group of people. There was always a larger vision, and it had everything to do with creating a support system for participants of the space. I wanted people to know they were seen, heard, and cared for. That they were valuable to their core, despite any doubt. That they could show up to the space carrying anything they had, and know they were safe to put it down/let it go at the studio. The vision was to create a community. To bring people together - people of all backgrounds, all experiences, all types, so that in our individual purpose and goal of deepening our connection to ourselves, we could find the collective connection between us all.

Every day since opening our doors, I have known that YES would become this place. From the very first students who walked through our doors, the community and support for us, as a studio and as students, has been apparent and clear. We may have built the walls and brought in the props, but it's you who have helped create a space that is filled with the kind of love and care that we all need. That the world needs.

Our theme for August is Community, and it's in honor of each of you, because we're so grateful to you all. Through community we can build more effectively, powerfully and harness collective dreams more efficiently. We can validate and explore who we are, we can create expansive expressions of joy and fulfillment, and we can create a positive path and vein through the world that becomes much bigger than ourselves. It is because of each of you that the ripples of YES and the power of this practice extends beyond just ourselves.

This month we claim the positive power of being together on this journey. I ask that you take a moment to acknowledge your contribution and find gratitude for yourself and all that you choose to share and how you show up - with us in the YES community and in your own communities. And then find gratitude for all the other folks who also choose to show up, so that these communities can continue to thrive and impact the greater whole.

written by Hollis

Hollis Maloney