As we move into cooler evenings, brisker mornings, and our autumn routines begin to take over, September becomes a natural time to begin to settle the energy from summer. We spend so much of the summer months expanding, being active, reaching our edges through activity and internal and external heat. The fire of the season fuels us into a type of hustle that excites and stimulates us, and by the time Labor Day weekend comes around, if we’ve taken advantage of this time of sunshine, we may feel ready for a slower pace. 

The natural process of the seasons is that we grow and create our greatest harvest through the summer, and by the time autumn comes, the leftover from what we’ve grown can begin to settle back into the earth to nourish the soil. We’ve grown bountiful and abundant with what we’ve created - perhaps we’ve enjoyed the fruits of our labor to it’s fullest - and now we can take what we’ve developed and absorbed, and harmonize it into our daily practices. We can feel full enough to leave any excess to compost, and take the creations we’ve most enjoyed and connected to and fully integrate what we’ve learned. 

In many ways, I think this is the process of grounding - taking what we’ve consumed, created, and connected to and letting it move and digest through our systems. It is the process of harnessing nutrients to strengthen and fortify our bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s a process of letting go, which can definitely inspire a feeling of nostalgia and maybe even sadness, but through the letting go we feel enhanced and inspired - from a deep place of connection. It is a process of embodying the power we’ve built in the summer and unifying it through our selves. 

From this perspective, September becomes a perfect time for reflection. It’s a sweet moment to look back on the brightness of the last few months and feel the deep gratitude for all the exploration and development. Perhaps we can ask ourselves a few questions such as: 

In what ways did I feel most expansive this summer? How did I grow? In what moments did I feel most connected to myself and inner power? How can I take the moments I’m most grateful for and integrate their energy/feelings/sensations into my daily consciousness? What can I let go of as I move into a slower and more structured season? 

This is the time to unify and find equilibrium from the inside out - as we come home to ourselves. And as we do so, we inspire a sense of grounding and integration for everyone we come in contact with. Connecting back to our August theme - what begins with us infuses into our communities, and beyond. 

Sending much love to you as always - happy September all :)

written by hollis

Hollis Maloney