Summer is full of active energy. The vibes are high, the social opportunities are at peak, the internal fire power is booming. Although this season can be full of external exploration, sunshine and big experiences, it can also be a great time to tap into our strongest needs and desires.

In chinese medicine, summer is the season of the fire element, which is connected directly to the heart organ - also considered the ruler of the body. This is where our spirit lives, where our innate wisdom, emotional balance, and purpose for living all can be found. When our heart is in balance, we express ourselves easily and outwardly through our actions (hands) and words (throat/mouth), and our ability to give and receive love, joy, and pleasure are fluid. When our heart is out of balance we can experience anxeity, dramatic changes in mood and emotions, and feel wobbly or disconnected.

Through a season so packed with energy and activity, it's important for us to remember balance. That power resides not just in how much we can accomplish and how far we can go, but also in how well we know ourselves and how readily we can give ourselves what we need. Sometimes that means the Power Flow, and sometimes that means the Friday evening Yin. Sometimes that means pushing our limits, and sometimes that means active rest. The more we tap into what our heart is truly asking for, the more it becomes natural to build the power of balance and live soulfully and authentically.

Hollis Maloney