who we are

We are a team of creative, passionate, fun, and authentic individuals who’ve come together with the soul purpose of inspiring positive growth in our students. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences and passions, and they’re each encouraged to teach from their own authentic perspective. This means all of our classes are slightly different, providing unique experiences for every person who joins us. 


why we exist

YES exists for you. Our mission is to provide a supportive space and practice for all people to discover and live out their best selves. You can come for the physical practice and perhaps leave feeling stronger and more capable than when you walked in. You can come just to sweat and work out on the mat, and you can perhaps walk out feeling lighter and more inspired. Whatever your goal or reason for coming, we hope to provide the space for you to move, explore, release and evolve. 


our mission

Together we exist to bring possibility into a new community - to make self exploration accessible to all who are searching for it, regardless of background or experience. Through yoga, dance, play, meditation and other forms of body mind connection and energy work, we’re striving to create a community of people who feel good in their bodies every single day. Our goal is to provide the space, the physical practice, and the freedom for you to explore who you are, how you feel in your body, and to then leave with a stronger sense of self and self love to carry into the world.