Bryce Craver


Whenever the subject of yoga comes up with my friends, many of them recoil at the idea of even attempting a class. They tell me that they can’t touch their toes or do the splits or perform a headstand for hours on end while preparing a marinated kale salad. While all of these are nice skills to have, you don’t need any of them to do yoga. The only thing you need is you: your focus, your strength, your awareness of what you need and where your limits lie. Don’t get me wrong, developing a yoga practice probably won’t get all of your troubles to gather their things and briskly walk out of your life, but I do think there’s a place you can find on your mat where you feel empowered and at peace; a place that is uniquely yours and patiently waiting for you, whenever you're ready to look for it. All I'd like to do is help you find that place for yourself.

Hollis Maloney