Gabby Carmichael


Gabriella is a yogi, professional dancer, choreographer, and social justice activist. She began practicing yoga 10 years ago to help balance rigorous modern and ballet dance training. Beyond becoming stronger and more flexible, she has discovered that yoga is continually turning her life around. Through conscious movement and breath, this practice has opened her heart to freedom, self actualization, and deep empathy. It has helped her to believe in things that she never thought were imaginable such as overcoming anxiety and depression, and a lifetime of self doubt and body dysmorphia. Yoga is by no means a magic pill, but it does help her continually become a better person. It helps her love in bigger and better ways, and it helps her be happy. 

Gabriella is 200hr certified through Pure Yoga NYC and Yoga Nidra certified through Sacred Sounds. She teaches Vinyasa yoga with her classes being thoughtful in sequencing, vigor, and relaxation. With playful movement, her class aims to instill strong self perseverance with ease and softness. She is proudly queer, and she teaches yoga to encourage boundless self love and the discovery of courage. She believes in space spaces, deep listening, and radical inclusion. She believes in working hard and that the path towards joy is a winding road. She believes that light exists even when we can't see it. The first step towards healing is believing that it's possible.

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