George Aumoithe


My yoga mantra is that we deserve to feel safe, included, and affirmed every single day. Practicing yoga lifts my worries, opens my mind, and helps me feel nimble and alive. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, my intention is to help you find the same feeling of liberation, confidence, and self-love in your practice.

Are you ready to eliminate fear through the flow of yoga? In class, we will focus on breathing, holding poses with ease, and finding calm and power in our practice. Throughout, we will emphasize taking things slow and connecting mind, body, and soul through intelligent movement.

The first step to shaping your life is by mastering your mind. In class, we will learn how to find calmness by moving in community with other brilliant souls. Getting on the mat is the most important step. Let yoga be your path towards greater well-being.

Hollis Maloney