Hollis Maloney


You know when you have that thought, "I really need to try that," over and over again? When something is just calling to you, but you don't know why? That's what yoga was for me, and it was calling me for years. A good friend finally convinced me to take a Bikram class, and after that first 90 minutes I became instantly hooked. I walked out feeling like I had dropped pounds of emotional and energetic weight that I had been carrying for very long time, and each class brought more and more release. 

After that first class, my life completely changed. I quit smoking, I dramatically reduced how much I drank, I was sleeping more easily and consistently, I removed myself from toxic situations and relationships - I started caring for myself in ways I never had before. And it wasn't forced, it was just that the practice encouraged me to care for myself more, naturally.

Yoga has turned my life and myself into something I can be proud of. Not only has it brought me physical strength, balance and flexibility, but it's also brought me community, courage, and a sense of real freedom in my body and mind.

I received my certification as a 200 RYT from Sacred Brooklyn with Dara Cole and Stephanie Battle as of February 2014. Since then I've become Reiki 2 certified, completed 125 hours of Yin Yoga training with Corinna Benner and Be Shakti, and taken numerous workshops to deepen and expand my knowledge of the practice (pre-natal yoga, hands on adjustments, anatomy, and sanskrit). Being able to share and teach this practice that has brought me and countless others strength and empowerment in their lives is something I feel incredibly incredibly blessed to do. Because yoga is truly the practice of life, and what we let go of on the mat we let go of in our lives. It's not about the poses, and it's not about the flexibility, but it is about how the physical practice deepens and centers the self closer and closer to the soul, allowing us to just clearly be who we are meant to be.

Hollis Maloney