Jennie Epland


I grew up acting on stage and in films. I have always thought that performing in this way was the closest I would come to a home for my soul and a life purpose. Then during a very stressful and anxious time in my life, this form of expression I had chosen was at the root of the chaos. It was not the source of fulfillment that it had always been. I was introduced to yoga and aromatherapy, separately but around the same time and BOOM.... I finally realized what balance meant. THIS, I soon discovered, was meant to be my path. These two modalities brought me back to the light and I knew I needed to know everything about them. Let the training begin! I did my 200 hour through goodyoga in Hawaii and have just started my advanced 300 hour training at Laughing Lotus. I have a pilates mat training under my belt and am in the midst of an aromatherapy certification. I am so excited to be on this journey; learning, balancing, teaching, sharing, traveling and being at home in my soul.

Hollis Maloney