Kate Marcom

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My relationship with my body and it’s physical health became an important focus in my life at a young age. During my 10 year training in classical ballet I was constantly required to be hyper aware of my body’s needs and challenges. Throughout the course of my training I experienced a number of painful injuries. It was during my recovery from these injuries that I discovered the importance of taking Floor Barre mat classes as a way to continue working on my ballet technique without having to put weight on my joints. Floor Barre was a crucial part of my recovery and helped me to gain back my strength mentally and physically so I could continue to pursue my career and love for dance.

When I began teaching adult ballet 9 years ago I decided to integrate my training in Floor Barre into every class I taught. Because my students had various levels of dance experience I realized a lot of them would benefit from using floor barre exercises to not only help strengthen their muscles but to also help my beginner students understand the physicality of ballet technique.   

My Floor Barre practice has been an invaluable part in my journey as a dancer and teacher and I am thrilled to introduce this class to the YES Studio community.

Hollis Maloney