Madelyn Zins


I have dedicated my life to learning about learning, and the learning I've shared in community through yoga has been some of the most transformative I've ever witnessed. It is my hope to continue giving back such opportunities to grow through my teaching. I received my 200-hr teacher certification through Sacred Brooklyn in Winter 2017 and now teach Vinyasa Flow classes. I also teach children's yoga at the homeschool coop I run in Greenpoint, Cottonwood Cooperative. I come to yoga with experience in dance, theater, and competitive running, so I have spent time learning my body’s power and I love sharing this experience of self study with my students. I also come to yoga as a nature educator and love helping students connect to their environments and to their true nature.

Potential student, you may have come to this bio after reading tens of others, or on your way to doing so. You may be looking for the bio that feels "just right" to support you into the room and onto the mat. But words on a page cannot do that for you. Only you can do that for you. And if you do, and if I'm there too, let's get curious about light. About dark. About work. About ease. About breath, body, mind. About spirit. About words and silence, and who lives in each of yours. Let's agree to leave time at the door and show up for us. For you. Because you are worth it. May you always find your class and, in doing so, may you always find the path home to you.

Hollis Maloney