VAT Sound Therapy Experience

w/ Devi Mambouka

Specializing in Sound Therapy technologies with a focus on stress relief and re-connecting to the natural world. 



What is a VAT Sound Therapy Experience?
I believe that when the natural world is not readily available ( For us urban dwellers), we can stimulate being in nature through sound and visualization, this is my intention when using sound healing technologies. 

Nature is the greatest healer of all, and our connection to our inner beings nurtures that.

Picture being in an Imax theater but instead of watching a Hollywood flick, you would be seated front row, watching your inner world!

What is VAT aka VIBROACOUSTIC Technology & Therapy?
Vibroacoustic Therapy uses a Sound table or sound pillow which both contain tactile transducers. 

The sound table or pillow will resonate at a low frequency and the vibrations will reach deeper than a traditional massage, affecting internal organs, glands, and cells. The pulsation of the bass creates a feeling of a returning to the womb.

I will create a unique sounds experience that will be devoted to your unique needs.

What happens during a session?
Participants will lay comfortably sandwiched between sound pillow + table and experience a guided meditation into a multi-sensory journey.

Participants have the option to add tuning fork acupressure, aromatherapy, Clairaudient reading and/or Reiki to their  VIBROACOUSTIC treatment. INCLUDED in the pricing.

Please consult your physician before beginning an alternative medicine or healing practice. 


Free Phone consultation 30 mins: $0 sign up

One on one sessions:
$125 for 30 minutes
$275 for 60 minutes
$350 for 90 minutes

VAT membership $500
Intro session + Four 30 mins session

Five 60 minute sessions + 10% OFF all Sound baths.