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For beginners and avid yogis.

w/ Devi Mambouka

What is a Soundbath? A Soundbath is a meditation practice performed by a sound healer to help participants relax their body, mind, spirit by releasing stress and regain focus and calmness. The sound healer will use multiple instruments and their voice during the session.

The purpose of this practice is to present the body with multiple possibilities for healing at an energetic level. It is a noninvasive way to realign energy or to begin a meditation practice. Sound is vibration and so are we, this is why most humans relate to music at the molecular level.
Participants will lay comfortably on yoga mats with blankets and experience a guided meditation plus crystal bowls, drums, rattles and overtoning singing and finish with a tribe bonding exercise using vocal toning.

- Using Meditation to get acquainted with our deeper selves.
- Vocal toning with an intention (Vocal toning is the use of the breath to create sustained sounds like ooo's and aahh's)
Vocal toning helps improves breathing, lung health, helps increase mental focus, empowers your unique voice and overall emotional release and physical harmony.
- Communication with intention:
The ability to Intuitively feel the space and the silence between a conversation exchange.
This exercise strengthens listening skills and laying healthy boundaries between you and the outside world.

Breakdown of the class:
Opening ceremony:
- Introductions/creating a safe space.
- Sound meditation.
(45 mins)
Tribe bonding exercises:
- Breathing technique + toning technique (10mins)
- Toning with the intention of love, going around the room to connect with each other (10mins)
- Toning the emotion of love as a group (5 mins)

Closing ceremony:
- Sharing gratitude and feedback (10mins)

$20 Pre-register · $30 Day Of

Earlier Event: August 30
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