Lauren Benson


As a singer, artist and teacher, I’m drawn to the ways that yoga can unblock creative flow, balance emotional output, and create space for deep exploration of one’s truth. I discovered yoga 10 years ago when I moved to New York and realized I needed a grounding practice. I found such balance, peace, calm, and self-love through the practice that from day one I wanted to teach and share it. Two years ago I discovered my yoga home in Sacred. This community is so vibrant, diverse, and beautiful that I find daily inspiration here. I decided to take the leap and participate in the teacher training and the rest is history! The love of sharing the tools found in yoga with fellow artists and movers, as well as the creativity that goes into sculpting and molding each class, led me to develop Yoga for Creativity, Yoga for Musicians, and Yoga for Vocalists classes. A desire to serve our community drove me to teach yoga at Riker’s Island with the Prison Yoga Project and Dara Cole. This incredibly enriching work of guiding prisoners to open up to their own potential as young women inspires my commitment even more to bring yoga to everyone who can benefit from it (which is everyone). Certified in Vinyasa Flow by Sacred Brooklyn and Children’s Yoga by Rainbow Kids Yoga, I hope to continue to study and grow in this work. I'm interested in teaching children, teachers, prisoners, veterans, artists, and anyone who comes to me with a desire to learn this work. Teaching is a special gift that allows me to give back to the very community that has given me so much love and confidence! Flow with me and we’ll unblock, open up, love ourselves, and find our truths together!

Hollis Maloney